With a 12 year proven track record of delivering 100s of highly technical business conferences to 1000s of attendees in the US and Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, American Business Conferences returns to Buenos Aires this year, as Argentina prepares to capitalize on the nation's enormous unconventional shale potential.

Neuquén Basin Vaca Muerta Horizontal Drilling & Completions Efficiency Congress 2018 is the first of many technical events for the region, designed to bring together local and international oil & gas producers and technology providers to examine technical strategies to drive drilling and completions efficiencies while keeping costs low.

This is the latest event in American Business Conferences' long-running horizontal drilling and completions optimization series, with over 12 highly technical, operator-led events. The most recent Horizontal Drilling Efficiency took place in Houston in May 2018, with over 150 drilling engineers in attendance. The 2018 Frac Design & Completions Optimization conference took place in Houston in July, with 200 completions crews in attendance, from some of the most prolific operating companies and technology providers in the space.

Maximizing Horizontal Drilling Efficiency Congress North America 2018

15-17 May, 2018, Houston, TX

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2nd Annual Permian Basin Frac Design & New Completions Technology Congress 2018

19-20 July, 2018, Houston, TX

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View a complete listing of current and previous Oil & Gas conferences here: www.american-business-conferences.com

You Might Be Aware...

American Business Conferences successfully organized six highly-technical conferences in Argentina and Colombia between 2012 and 2014. Collectively, the congresses hosted speakers from all the major South American Oil & Gas operators and Governmental Bodies and have brought together over 1500 delegates from across the globe.

See complete breakdown of previous South and Latin American conferences below


Emerging Shale & Tight Oil Basins South America 2013

(2-day Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 27 - 28, 2013)

The congress brought together for the very first time, executive speakers from South American National Oil Companies, South American E&P's and South American governmental regulatory agencies, to determine the production and investment potential of a wide portfolio of South America's hottest unconventional prospects.

The congress scrutinized political and regulatory risk against geological prospectivity to determine the financial return and economic viability of investing in the following countries: Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.


Shale Colombia 2013, Unconventional Oil & Gas Development Congress

(2-day Congress, Cartagena, Colombia, October, 23-24, 2013)

The E&P-led debut Shale Colombia 2013, Unconventional Oil & Gas Development Congress was created to provide solutions to Colombia E&P companies and international shale operators at every stage Colombian shale development to take the country from being a notional unconventional opportunity to being a strategic commercial prospect. The conference delivered international fracking best practices, key unconventional regulatory updates and Colombian shale geology data.


Shale Gas & Tight Oil Drilling & Completions Argentina 2013

(2-day Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 20-21, 2013, Buenos Aires)

The 4th congress in the sell-out Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina series dedicated to driving down the costs of unconventional development in the Vaca Muerta and beyond. The first congress designed specifically to address the two most current and topical challenges influencing the efficiency and economics of operations in the country.

Water Management & Proppant Logistics Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina 2013

(2-day Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 17 - 18, 2013)

The 3rd congress in the sell-out Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina Series dedicated to driving down well costs at every stage of exploration and production in Argentina's push for unconventional development.

Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina II

(3-day Congress & Gala Dinner, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 18 - 20, 2012)

This timely congress further addressed the nationalization of YPF and state-centric policies, bringing together experts from the local government and Oil & Gas E&P companies in Argentina to explore opportunities surrounding the phenomenal shale resources in the Neuquen, San Jorge, Austral and Chaco basins.

Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina 2012

(3-day Congress & Gala Dinner, Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 24 - 26, 2012)

The debut sell-out Congress (and first of its kind as the Argentina shale gas boom unravelled, boasting the third largest reserves in the world), covered a technical and strategically valuable program, delivered
 by an exceptional speaker line-up.


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